What Causes Bell’s Palsy?

To perfectly diagnose any medical ailment, it is mandatory for the patient and the patient’s family to be completely aware of it. One of the ailments, where patients lack complete understanding is bells palsy, which is often confused with stroke. Knowing what causes bells palsy enables a faster recovery process for the patient and also decreases the physical and psychological trauma that he experiences during the phase. Bells palsy is the condition where the facial nerves which control the facial expressions and sensations inflame, in turn paralysing the face. There are two facial nerves... Read More

Bell’s Palsy Causes

In the History of mankind, there have been a lot of diseases prowling around for the discomfort of man. One of them is Bell’s palsy disease. When diseases attack other parts of our body and get us weak. We can deal with a lot of these, but when we are faced by those diseases that attack those parts of the body that we cannot cover with clothing. We are left with nothing else than depression. Bell’s palsy disease is in the same category with acne which has indirectly led to the death of a lot of people due to the pressure they receive from the society. When you look at your face in the... Read More

Can Stress Cause Bell’s Palsy?

The question to the cause of the bells palsy disease once again comes to the limelight. A lot of people tend to make a lot of mistakes whenever they consider the cause of the bells palsy disease. It is very wrong to assume a unilateral cause of such ailment. There have been a lot of articles and write-ups that asks whether the cause of the bells palsy disease is stress or whether it is virus. The only solution there is to this question is the solution of pragmatism which is also the truest and the most real. The answer will then mean that both stress and virus causes the disease.   We... Read More

How Do You Get Bell’s Palsy?

  Bell’s palsy as a disease will attack you as a person due to some things. The cause of Bell’s palsy as a disease is not known with certainty and precision, but we can point at some things that are related to the Bell’s palsy. But again there are some things that are triggers to the disease and they are well known. The analogy is that this disease can be contacted and reside in the body in a very dormant state, only to be triggered by some activities. These triggers are well researched and founded while the main causes are still somehow elusive.   The main thing that will give... Read More