Simple Facial Exercises for Bell’s Palsy

Facial paralysis is caused due to inflammation of the facial nerve or inflammation of the bone canal which covers the facial nerve. This inflammation is caused due to the virus Herpes Simplex 1. The virus affects maximum individuals and lies dormant in the human body surfacing only as cold sores or fever blisters. In few cases however, it may inflame the facial nerve and cause bells palsy. Bells palsy does not require excessive medication or treatment but it does require special care and other precautionary measures that would help protect the affected sense organs, like the affected eye.... Read More

How to Overcome Bell’s Palsy Facial Paralysis

Bells palsy facial paralysis as the name suggests is a form of facial paralysis. There are two facial nerves that run through the human face, one for each hemisphere. These facial nerves are located inside a narrow bone canal which travels from behind the ear. Facial nerves control the facial expressions, sensations, smile, crying, blinking etc. An inflammation in any of the two nerves causes paralysis of the respective half of the face. If the bone canal inflames, it compresses the nerve. This also results in bells palsy. One of the most widespread causes of bells palsy facial paralysis is... Read More

How to Cope with Bell’s Palsy During Pregnancy

No decisive pattern or consistent trait has been noticed in people who have been diagnosed with bells palsy disabling the researchers to track any early symptoms or make a risk analysis. But a general study shows that chances of bells palsy during pregnancy are relatively higher than the rest of the population. In the absence of any conclusive theory, many doctors have tried to explain this trait with their various theories. Bells palsy is the result of an inflammation in the facial nerves which renders the facial muscles ineffective in turn paralysing the face. Typically one half of the face... Read More

Bell’s Palsy Exercises

While considering the Bell’s palsy exercises, it will be good to always get it right since it is not the kind of disease that occurs always. Bell’s palsy disease as we have said on several occasions is caused by some viral or bacterial infections or even some wounds or inflammation in the face that causes the facial nerves to malfunction thereby weakening or paralyzing the facial muscles. The first thing to consider here is that the exercises are never necessary till some time. There is always a very good advice for you to allow the palsy heal itself since majority of the disease has been... Read More

Relieving Bell’s Palsy Pain

Bell’s palsy is just like every other ailment we experience in the body in form of paralysis. What the Bell’s palsy disease does is to cause the malfunctioning of the nerves in the face that controls the activity of the facial muscles. When these nerves are made to malfunction by the activities of some virus and other elements in the body, they will directly weaken the functioning of the facial muscles and the direct resultant effect of this is either unilateral or bilateral facial paralysis. This is how it is gotten and there are a lot of factors that causes this.   When we then... Read More

How to Recover from Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s palsy is predominantly a viral disease and there has never been a disease that you can never recover from unless it attacks the immune system which is the main object that makes you recover. Bell’s palsy is so psychologically linked in the negative aspect that anybody that has it becomes anxious to see it healed. This is completely due to the fact that the Bell’s palsy disease presents itself in a manner very unpleasant to the eyes of the society and other onlookers. It will be very good to digress here and tell us that most of the cases of suicide witnessed in life these days... Read More