All About Bell’s Palsy

Bells palsy is a form of facial paralysis, where the facial nerves are damaged and no longer facilitate facial muscle movement. This medical condition is named after Dr. Charles Bell, a Scottish researcher, whereas palsy means paralysis in medical terms. Facial nerves control our facial expression along with the senses and activities conjoined with it like: sense of taste blinking help with speech swallowing facial sensation sensitivity to hear crying salivation The facial nerve is also called the 7th nerve and travels from the brain stem to the brain. It exits the brain in a narrow bone... Read More

What is Bell’s Palsy?

To know what is bells palsy disease one must first know that there are two facial nerves that run through the human face, one for each hemisphere. They travel from the brain stem to the brain. It exits the brain in a narrow bone canal behind each ear. Facial nerves control the facial expressions, sensations, smile, crying, blinking etc. An inflammation, compression or any trauma in any of the two nerves causes paralysis of the respective half of the face. How bells palsy is caused and what is bells palsy disease has been the topic of discussion for scientists and doctors alike for many years.... Read More

Bell’s Palsy in Children

Bell’s palsy also affects children in some degree. Meanwhile due to the fragility of children and the possible frailty in their immune system, it might become more severe than it is in adults. When we talk about the causes of Bell’s palsy in little children especially in an average child that is unprotected in the street, there will be a lot of them. The first one is coming in contact with the Herpes simplex virus which has been seen as one of the major causes of the disease with its other viral and bacterial brothers. If this is not the case, children can also get the Bell’s palsy... Read More

Bell’s Palsy Information

Just as it is expected in cases like that of Bell’s palsy, there is a lot of information about the Bell’s palsy disease. One thing that is obvious here is the fact that Bell’s palsy is a very unpleasant disease, and as such all who are attacked by these tend to seek relevant information about Bell’s palsy. But the truth is that the authenticity of the information  you get about bell’s palsy as it concerns the cause, symptoms, treatments and diagnoses and many other things will help to position you on the recovery track if you have it, and then the help track if you don’t have it.... Read More

Acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy

The Bell’s palsy disease is one of the rarest diseases we can ever experience. The issue of Bell’s palsy disease not occurring frequently and incessantly has made it possible for a lot of adults to live their lives on earth without knowing that such disease exists. This means they never suffered from such ailment, never met people who suffered from such ailment and never read about such disease. This explains the rarity of the case of Bell’s palsy disease. This disease is said not to be predominant in Africa and Asia.   Meanwhile, there are many methods and systems of healing or... Read More

What is Bell’s Palsy?

The world has come to witness a lot of diseases that attack the skin of man. One of those diseases is the Bell’s palsy we are now considering. Bell’s palsy simply means the complete or unilateral weakness or paralysis of the facial muscle which causes some drooping in the appearance of the face. This weakness of the muscle is caused by the malfunctioning of the facial nerves that is in essence responsible for the smooth functioning of the muscles. This is one of those diseases that appear on the body of man like a drama. It involves those days that you wake up from sleep and find out that... Read More