Bell’s Palsy Causes

In the History of mankind, there have been a lot of diseases prowling around for the discomfort of man. One of them is Bell’s palsy disease. When diseases attack other parts of our body and get us weak. We can deal with a lot of these, but when we are faced by those diseases that attack those parts of the body that we cannot cover with clothing. We are left with nothing else than depression. Bell’s palsy disease is in the same category with acne which has indirectly led to the death of a lot of people due to the pressure they receive from the society. When you look at your face in the mirror and find out that your face is no longer like that of many other people in your street. You will need to garner a lot of strength to move on.


Bell’s palsy is a disease that attacks the muscles of the face. The facial muscles are saddled with the responsibility of keeping the face in its normal shape and giving it the reflexes for the normal functions performed by and with the face. But when the face is attacked by these diseases, it witnesses a paralysis of or weakness of mostly one part or side of the face. When the nerve that controls the muscles on one side of your face is damaged, the resultant effect is some drooping in your face.


When we come into the specific cause of the Bell’s palsy disease, it will be good to note that this disease which will eventually affect your sense of thirst and your saliva and tears formation has no uniformed cause. There are different ways this disease presents itself, and sequel to this there are a lot of causes ascribed to it through different studies and by different medical researchers. In as much as there are no specific and dogmatic automatic causes of the Bell’s palsy disease, some of the noticed causes are more universal and generally acceptable than others. The most acceptable of all this is the Herpes virus which causes cold sores in the body and its inflammation counterpart. All these causes damages to the facial muscles.


The Herpes simplex disease has been discovered since around 1970 as the greatest cause of Bell’s palsy. It is believed that this causes more than 70% of cases of Bell’s palsy noticed all over the globe. The virus is transmitted through kissing between relatives and the share of some materials like cloths, towels and utensils. When this disease is contacted, it can be infectious during the initial incubation period. After this, it then goes into hibernation or period of dormancy only to appear again when triggered. This makes a lot of people to have the disease without knowing so.


Some other causes that can trigger the Bell’s palsy disease include the HIV virus infection. Since this disease is predominantly viral, the virus in HIV can cause this at the initial stage only to be helped by the immune deficiency that will later come. Other viruses like the rubella, mumps, Epstein-Barr and cytomegalovirus have also been found as other likely causes of the facial palsy disease.


When the skin is attacked by some of the powerful bacteria that attack the body, it might lead to some symptoms that are like flu. This, if it is not well treated at the initial stage might as well develop into other serious diseases like the Bell’s palsy disease. The type of bacteria that can cause this includes the Lyme disease. There are many other conditions in the body that can cause the weakness of the nerves that controls the facial muscles, and whenever this occurs, you have to expect paralysis. Some of those conditions include wounds due to the face through surgery and other avenues, bone fractures, formation of cysts and some tumors, trauma and acoustic neuromas, diabetes and some other thyroid diseases.

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