Can Stress Cause Bell’s Palsy?

The question to the cause of the bells palsy disease once again comes to the limelight. A lot of people tend to make a lot of mistakes whenever they consider the cause of the bells palsy disease. It is very wrong to assume a unilateral cause of such ailment. There have been a lot of articles and write-ups that asks whether the cause of the bells palsy disease is stress or whether it is virus. The only solution there is to this question is the solution of pragmatism which is also the truest and the most real. The answer will then mean that both stress and virus causes the disease.


We have asserted some positivity as to the question whether stress can cause some Bell’s palsy the answer is yes because it has been tried and proved in and by the use of many processes and live experience. I remember coming across a friend who told his story about the incessant activity of the Bell’s palsy on his face. The thing according to him has attacked him for almost more than 8 times. He also talked about a friend who has up to 15 cases. When he was doing the write up, he posited that the last one which is the experience we are talking about just came though stress. He complained that he is a plumber and had to work for several hours for 6 days in a week. This made him so stressed up


We can also put the argument in the most simple and understandable way. And that is the fact that the stress factor when it comes to Bell’s palsy might cause the real development and reactivation of new cases. Now the good thing about it is that stress can never be an avenue for you to contact the Bell’s palsy disease. The only thing stress can do is to trigger the already existent Bell’s palsy virus.


The stress factor when it comes to the cause of the Bell’s palsy is  not much of a problem since it only triggers up already existent virus in the body. Meanwhile, it will be very good to note that there are many aspects of stress that predominantly affect and bring about the activation of this disease. They include emotional stress, physical stress, and environmental stress.


When we come to the emotional stress as cause of Bell’s palsy disease, it will be very obvious to everybody that almost 80% of the diseases we suffer on earth are due to some emotional problems or the other, when you are not emotionally balanced, it can lead to a lot of problems. Also, when you are emotionally stressed up in terms of much thinking and worries due to some life problems, it tends to cause some reduction in the stability of your sense and cause the nerves to be stressed up and therefore weak. This is how emotional stress can trigger Bell’s palsy disease.


The physical stress perhaps is the most known cause of Bell’s palsy disease when you speak about the stress factors. In the course of our life on earth, you are very prone to such things as overworking yourself physically. The stress and strain caused to the nerves by the physical labor we give ourselves are very good to our health no doubt, but anytime these things becomes too much, they cause us the type of stress that can lead to Bell’s palsy.


The next is the set of stress that we can encounter due to some level of environmental hazards around us when we inhale or assimilate such things that come from the society and are not very good for our health. In this aspect, these things will include the pressure from the environment that pushes us to some things that are very stressful to us.

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