How Do You Get Bell’s Palsy?


Bell’s palsy as a disease will attack you as a person due to some things. The cause of Bell’s palsy as a disease is not known with certainty and precision, but we can point at some things that are related to the Bell’s palsy. But again there are some things that are triggers to the disease and they are well known. The analogy is that this disease can be contacted and reside in the body in a very dormant state, only to be triggered by some activities. These triggers are well researched and founded while the main causes are still somehow elusive.


The main thing that will give you Bell’s palsy as a person is when you contact the Herpes virus. This virus when it gets into your body will cause your facial nerves to be swollen due to some inflammations that in essence might not be too good for you. These inflammations will then give you the disease. Meanwhile, you must have the virus or bacteria or even the condition that causes Bell’s palsy in you before it can be triggered, and it takes a lot of time to undergo this trigger.


Things that can give you the virus or even the paralysis will also include the HIV virus. HIV as a virus can give you the bells palsy disease. This it does by the inflammation that comes with it. This inflammation might serve as a trigger for the disease. Again when you have been with the HIV virus for a very long time and it succeeds in killing your immune system, it will also pave way for the virus to come into your body or even trigger an already existing virus to cause some paralysis.


When you then talk about the external method of contacting the virus that causes the disease, there are two main ways of getting it. The first one will occur by the kissing we engage in on several occasions in life. This is one of the reasons people say the disease cannot be contained if it should come or have an outbreak. When you kiss the next person, you have the possibility of contacting the disease if the kissed person has it. It involves both light and deep kisses.


Apart from the kissing aspect of this, you can also get the disease when you share utensils with infected people. The plates, cups, cutlery, bucket, towel and many other things you use in the house can be very good carriers for the disease, and what this entails is that if you share such things with an already affected person, you might contact the disease. The bells palsy virus can also get to you through some sicknesses and body conditions like stroke and tumors. Some of the predominant head and facial injuries, cancer and some of the cerebrospinal infections, abscess and many other diseases also cause this.


Getting this disease does not mean its manifestation. Due to this, the best way of avoiding this or treating it will be to undergo regular dialysis to find out if you have it. This will allow you to go on with serious preventive and palliative measures even when you discover the disease at the tender stages.  But again, due to the fact that there are not many ways of contacting this disease from the next person, most of the people that suffered it might have developed it on their own through some health conditions. This explains why it does not spread so fast and is rarely seen. You only get this disease easily when you share a lot with people that already have it.

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