Bell’s Palsy Causes

In the History of mankind, there have been a lot of diseases prowling around for the discomfort of man. One of them is Bell’s palsy disease. When diseases attack other parts of our body and get us weak. We can deal with a lot of these, but when we are faced by those diseases that attack those parts of the body that we cannot cover with clothing. We are left with nothing else than depression. Bell’s palsy disease is in the same category with acne which has indirectly led to the death of a lot of people due to the pressure they receive from the society. When you look at your face in the... Read More

Bell’s Palsy Exercises

While considering the Bell’s palsy exercises, it will be good to always get it right since it is not the kind of disease that occurs always. Bell’s palsy disease as we have said on several occasions is caused by some viral or bacterial infections or even some wounds or inflammation in the face that causes the facial nerves to malfunction thereby weakening or paralyzing the facial muscles. The first thing to consider here is that the exercises are never necessary till some time. There is always a very good advice for you to allow the palsy heal itself since majority of the disease has been... Read More

Bell’s Palsy in Children

Bell’s palsy also affects children in some degree. Meanwhile due to the fragility of children and the possible frailty in their immune system, it might become more severe than it is in adults. When we talk about the causes of Bell’s palsy in little children especially in an average child that is unprotected in the street, there will be a lot of them. The first one is coming in contact with the Herpes simplex virus which has been seen as one of the major causes of the disease with its other viral and bacterial brothers. If this is not the case, children can also get the Bell’s palsy... Read More

Bell’s Palsy Information

Just as it is expected in cases like that of Bell’s palsy, there is a lot of information about the Bell’s palsy disease. One thing that is obvious here is the fact that Bell’s palsy is a very unpleasant disease, and as such all who are attacked by these tend to seek relevant information about Bell’s palsy. But the truth is that the authenticity of the information  you get about bell’s palsy as it concerns the cause, symptoms, treatments and diagnoses and many other things will help to position you on the recovery track if you have it, and then the help track if you don’t have it.... Read More

Relieving Bell’s Palsy Pain

Bell’s palsy is just like every other ailment we experience in the body in form of paralysis. What the Bell’s palsy disease does is to cause the malfunctioning of the nerves in the face that controls the activity of the facial muscles. When these nerves are made to malfunction by the activities of some virus and other elements in the body, they will directly weaken the functioning of the facial muscles and the direct resultant effect of this is either unilateral or bilateral facial paralysis. This is how it is gotten and there are a lot of factors that causes this.   When we then... Read More

How to Recover from Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s palsy is predominantly a viral disease and there has never been a disease that you can never recover from unless it attacks the immune system which is the main object that makes you recover. Bell’s palsy is so psychologically linked in the negative aspect that anybody that has it becomes anxious to see it healed. This is completely due to the fact that the Bell’s palsy disease presents itself in a manner very unpleasant to the eyes of the society and other onlookers. It will be very good to digress here and tell us that most of the cases of suicide witnessed in life these days... Read More

Bell’s Palsy Surgery

A lot of people due to their belief in the dignity of man and total preservation of nature will tell you that anything surgery will be the last resort when it comes to health matters. But there has been some cases where we see people with some diseases that would have been lived with under normal circumstances go for surgery to either remove the causes of the ailment or the ailment itself. There are lots of people who will completely opt for surgeries when it comes to issues affecting their body types while others will even use it at will to change some body parts that are not in the shape... Read More

Bell’s Palsy Treatment Options

If we ever want to talk about some of the diseases that have defied treatments, we can name the Bell’s palsy disease as the number one. This is very true in the sense that any sickness that has no generally trusted treatment that has some guarantee of cure for some period of time is not treatable. The most outstanding thing about this is the fact that there is no generally agreed and sure cause of the bells palsy disease. When there is no such thing, the resultant effect will be that there will be no definitive cure for that. So if we say that Bell’s palsy like its viral brother HIV have... Read More

Can Stress Cause Bell’s Palsy?

The question to the cause of the bells palsy disease once again comes to the limelight. A lot of people tend to make a lot of mistakes whenever they consider the cause of the bells palsy disease. It is very wrong to assume a unilateral cause of such ailment. There have been a lot of articles and write-ups that asks whether the cause of the bells palsy disease is stress or whether it is virus. The only solution there is to this question is the solution of pragmatism which is also the truest and the most real. The answer will then mean that both stress and virus causes the disease.   We... Read More

Cures for Bell’s Palsy

Cures for Bell’s palsy have been one of the things you cannot easily get. That you cannot easily get this does not mean that it is not available, but that there are many things to it. The cure for Bell’s palsy have not been established with certainty partly due to the fact that there have not been a lot of research into this and partly because of the fact that not a lot of people are affected by the sickness. The cure for this has not been established beyond all doubts. The resultant effect of this is the lack of convincing cure for the sufferers of this by the medical doctors. This has... Read More